Students accomodation Facilities and capacity

Mzumbe University Morogoro campus offers residential halls with accommodation capacity of more than 3,000  undergraduate and postgraduate students. The University accommodation facilities are friendly such that can   accommodate students with disabilities provided  in our accommodation policy. The policy recognizes and gives priority to first year female and male undergraduate students.

There are residential halls for postgraduate students as well as international students and visiting international academic staff around the campus. The directorate of Buildings and Estate is responsible for management of the facilities while the Dean of student’s office undertakes coordination.

There are private accommodation facilities around our campuses, the facilities are continuously being checked by the University administration to ensure that they provided services in line with the University requirements. This is due to the inadequacy of the facilities commensurate with the increasing number of students in campus. The Directorate of Students Welfare ensures students security and conducive environment for learning and at affordable rates thereof.

Order of Priority

  1. Student
    1. s with physical disability and other health challenge
    2. First year female students
    3. First year male students
    4. Second year female students

For more information please contact :

Ms. Mariam Mattao

Director, Directorate of Students Welfare,

Mzumbe University,

P.O. Box 1,


Phone:+255787444282 || +255718988816

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P.O.Box  1, Morogoro, Tanzania
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